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This is a wiki devoted to the Mutant Chronicles in all of its various iterations. This will include the various CCGs and miniatures wargames, but with a focus on the core RPG (with the hopes of seeing an eventual revision and re-publication by some company or another).

Utilizing all the various background material will, hopefully, present a fuller and more thorough gaming experience for the RPG player.

The Mutant Chronicles SettingEdit

The Solar System is a roaring mayhem of death and war. The surfaces of the inner planets have been swept clean by the violent onslaught of the Dark Legion's storming hordes of Nepharites, Necromutants, Razides, Pretorian Stalkers and Undead Legionnaires. In the enormous cities of the far and distant future, Heretics devoted to the destruction of humankind stalk the dark backstreets and gloomy alleys spreading their teachings of greed, jealousy and war.

The Mutant Chronicles RPG brings you to a spectacular techno-fantasy setting where you are the Heroes. Within the covers of this book, you will find all information necessary no matter if you want you adventure to take place in the shadows of Luna's scyscrapers and cathedrals, the putrid jungles of Venus, or the hostile deserts of Mars. With more than 20 different character backgrounds, you have total freedom to create your own investigator, soldier, inquisitor or freelance character.

- From the Mutant Chronicles RPG - 2nd Edition -

The setting melds sci-fi, fantasy, cyberpunk, post-apocalypse, pulp, film noir, horror, and military genres into a single dystopic vision of the future.

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